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We turn product information into BIM information. Within two mouse clicks...

We are one of the leading companies providing CAD/CAAD/BIM solutions for architects, planners and the construction material industry. With BIM & More we offer companies endless possibilities to publish their PIM data quickly and efficiently in a BIM-compliant way in countless proprietary or open BIM offers.

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Our Team

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Matthias Uhl

CEO • Sales • PM • Financials

Silvia Bartels

Sales • Back Office

Jurgen Ruff

Sales Director

Veselin Veselinov

Team Leader Administration • Architect

Ivan Nikolov

CTO • Head of Software Development

Robin Schild

Trainee Contribution Building Management

Alexander Novakov

Team Leader PO/PM

Vladimir Montenegro

Team Leader Art Direction UI/UX

Georgi Sokolov

Product Owner

Ana Dzhenkova

Team Leader BIM Architecture

Alexander Tomko

Team Leader Plugin Dev AC/AP (C++/Pyth)

Deyan Mihov

Team Leader Plugin Dev Revit (C#)

Venelin Vasilev

Team Leader Unity Development

Tanya Yordanova

Office Manager

Kameliya Mitova

Graphic Designer

Vyara Yaranova

Product Owner

Tsvetan Donov

Product Owner

Denitsa Shamlieva

BIM Architect

Krasimir Tsvetanov

Fullstack Developer

Kaloyan Georgiev

Trainee Frontend Web Developer

Hristo Boyarov

Senior Backend Web Developer

Stoil Valkov

Plugin Dev Revit (C#)

Nikola Velichkov

Plugin Dev Revit (C#)

Aneta Spasova

Unity Developer

Angel Pashev

Unity Developer

Denis Todorov

Unity Developer

Dimitar Isusov

Team Leader Web Dev Backend

Mihail Yurukov

DevOps Engineer

Nikola Lilov

QA Gaming, 3D & Architecture

Philip Georgiev

Manual QA Tester (Gaming/Web & Desktop)

Yana Nencheva-Veleva

Manual QA Tester (Web & Desktop)

Daniel Popov

Front-End Web Developer

Ivo Todorov

Front-End Web Developer

Iana Angelova

Office Manager

Eleonora Yaneva

Senior Front-End Vue.js Web Developer

Pandeli Shatraj

Senior Graphic Designer

Ekaterina Popova

Graphic Designer Intern

Yordan Yarabanov

DevOps (& IT Infrastructure) Intern

Peter Boev

Senior Back-End PHP Developer

Nikolay Naumov

Video Editor

Veselin Georgiev

Mid-Level PHP Back-End Web Developer

Radoslav Raykov

Junior Unity 3D C# Developer

Tihomir Chakarov

Junior Unity 3D C# Developer

Ivan Dimov

Senior Unity 3D Developer

Mihail Mihalev

Mid-level Front-End Developer

Doychin Tashev

BIM Architect

Dimitar Dimitrov

Junior/Mid-Level C# Developer

Yuriy Mesnyankin

Product Owner

Lora Radeva

Manual QA Tester

Gabriela Stoimenova

HR & Recruiter

Dimitar Chernev

SCRUM Master

Nikolay Kazandzhiev

Manual QA Tester

Yoan Yonkov

Mid-Level Front-End Web Developer

Aleksandar Georgiev

Manual QA Tester (Web & Desktop)

Irena Nozhdelova

Marketing Coordinator

Trendafil Krastanov

BIM Architect

Galina Sokolova

Junior/Mid-Level C# Developer

Nevyana Tomeva

BIM Architect

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